Propane Storage Tanks

The propane tank is the heart of your propane system. Tanks come in a wide variety of sizes and Axmen Propane can help you select the right size tank for your home. There are 2 styles of tanks that can be used for residential applications.

Above Ground Tanks

  • Leased on an annual basis
  • Easy to find in case of emergency
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of Axmen Propane
  • Lower up-front cost

Underground Tanks

  • Generally purchased by the homeowner
  • Hidden from view
  • Doesn’t take up valuable yard space
  • Maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner


Axmen Propane should be contacted at least 2 weeks before you are ready to have your propane system installed. However, in the late fall our schedule may be out 30 days or more. You will need to be home for the installation process and your contractor should be there to start your appliances for the first time. Therefore, it is best to call us early in the process of constructing your home in order to coordinate a date that will work well for everyone.


By the date of the installation, your mechanical contractor or plumber should have your appliances and gas piping installed. You should verify that your appliances have been set-up to run on propane. It is very important to ask your mechanical contractor for verification of this. When Axmen Propane arrives, we will set the tank at a mutually agreed location, install the underground line, and connect to your gas piping at the home. Axmen Propane will perform a complete gas system safety check and leave you feeling warm and comfortable.

System Specifications

Tank Location

  • At least 10 feet away from any structure
  • At least 10 feet away from any property line
  • Within 100 feet from where the delivery truck can safely park

Underground Line

  • Must be buried at least 18 inches below your finished grade
  • Axmen Propane can provide trenching services for a fee

Gas “stub-out” at the home

  • 5′ away in any direction from a source of ignition or direct vent air intake
  • 3′ away horizontally from any opening into the home such as a door or window
  • At least 24 inches above the final grade

Call Axmen Propane for an on-site consultation or for more information about propane and propane accessories. We can be reached at 406.626.2490 or 888.543.7515.