Fire Evacuation

In the event you are forced to evacuate your home due to wildfire you may wonder what you should do about your propane tank.  It is very simple, just turn the tank off.  The tank is equipped with pressure relief valves that will safely vent the gas in the event of it overheating due to fire.  If you don’t know how or are uncomfortable turning your tank off please don’t ever hesitate to call us at (406)626-2490.

If you live in an area affected by wildfire consider investing in FireIce from Axmen.  FireIce can be applied with a garden hose and can provide your home with up to 24 hours of protection against wildfire.

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Propane Tanks in Hot Weather

During hot weather the gas and vapors in your propane tank will expand which can lead to venting.  While this may seem scary when you smell propane coming out of your tank this is actually your tank functioning safely.

Tanks are equipped with pressure relief that allow them to vent, or blow off some steam.  While it seems that you are loosing a lot of gas in this instance you are really hardly losing any.  Remember one gallon of liquid propane equals 36.38 cubic feet of propane vapor.

Too avoid a tank overheating you can take steps like setting a lawn sprinkler to spray on it when temperatures rise.  If you are nervous about anything involving your propane tank never hesitate to call us at (406)626-2490.


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Propane Tanks – What are the different types?

  • Above Ground (A/G):  Above Ground Tanks are set according to local laws and regulations on the ground near your home/office and away from any sources of ignition. they are usually painted white, aluminum, or some other light-reflecting color for safety reasons. A/G tanks are ideal for consumers in mountainous areas, where burial is difficult, and those with a satisfactory space in their yard. These tanks are more accessible by your propane dealer for filling and maintenance as well.AboveGroundTanks_diagram


  • Underground (U/G):  Underground Tanks are designed to be buried under the ground surface and are completely out of sight, except for the dome that covers the valves for servicing the tank. A tough chemical and water-resistant coating is applied at the factory, which is designed to be the final coating for the tank prior to its burial in the ground. QSC U/G tanks are also provided with an anode bracket that your dealer can use to provide additional anode protection against corrosion.UnderGroundTanks_diagram
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Lower Your Propane Costs

One way to significantly lower your propane costs is by having enough storage to purchase propane once every year during the Summer.  This could save you an estimated average of $300 or more each year! (If you use approximately 1,000 gallons every 12 months)

Most companies want you to have a smaller propane tank so that you need to fill-up more during the winter and spend higher prices.  Other companies strategically drive their margins up in the winter, leaving you with a higher price to pay.

Let Axmen Propane help you tank-up for long term savings!


Mike Svoboda

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Questions or Concerns?

At Axmen Propane our desire is to have close communication with our customers. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please don’t hesitate to call Mike, our general manager, at 406-370-8175.

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Record High Propane Prices

This winter, propane prices hit record highs throughout the country. We expect prices to remain higher than in the past, particularly in the winter. Understanding our customer’s desire for less expensive heating, we advise purchasing a 12 month supply of propane during the summer when prices are significantly lower. Please call if you have questions or concerns.

Have a look at the associated press’ article here

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Trane Furnaces

TraneAxmen Propane is now a certified equipment dealer for Trane furnaces.  Contact us to learn more.

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Tough Enough to Wear Pink

Tough Enough to Wear Pink (TETWP) of Montana is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing funding for breast cancer awareness, education, screening, support and further diagnosis for Montana women and men. If you or someone you love is struggling with breast cancer TETWP is there for support. Please take a moment to visit for information on fundraising events or to inquire about financial assistance. TETWP volunteers can be contacted at 542-9983.

Women interested in participating should schedule their appointment with Alta at Partnership Health by calling 406-258-4162.

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